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Billing Terms and Conditions

To guide you about the billing procedures and to let you know about the terms and conditions of our billing process we have created this page. So that you can feasibly see it and can get first-hand knowledge.

Accepted Payment Methods On Our Site:

For your feasibility, we deal in multiple payment methods. We accept payment through Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express. In some regions, we accept google pay and apple pay as well. Almost every credit and debit card are also acceptable on our website to make payment.

Non-Accepted Payment Methods On Our Site:

We try our best to make the shopping facile for you as much as we can. But still, there are some methods of payment that we can not entertain for some reasons. The methods include E-cheque and cash-on-delivery (Cash On Delivery).

Secure Transaction:

Where technologies have made our life easy simultaneously it has raised many questions about privacy concerns. Especially when we put our personal information in any form on the website the question of privacy always pops up. But when it comes to N Leather Jackets we assure our users their privacy. We have applied the SSL layer security to our servers that keeps your data encrypted. And no one can have access to that. So while making the transaction of your money do not worry about privacy as we own a safe and secure website.

Our payment partners:

Stripe and PayPal are our payment partners in some countries. And where the facility is not available then you can utilize the other ways of payment.

When do I have to pay for the product:

After the completion of the process of giving details, you are instructed to pay at the time of checkout.

In case I charged double for the same product?

In circumstances like the occurrence of the error or maybe you have paid mistakenly two times for the same product then you will get your payment back. So in this situation, you have to connect with our customer care department. Tell them the issue and show the details and after the confirmation, you will get your funds back within 2 to 5 business days. If you want you can also contact your bank and can address this issue.

The process of confirmation of the product:

We keep our customers updated all the time through email. So in this situation as well the moment your order will get confirmed you will surely receive an email of confirmation from our team and get notified.